Stiri scurte: 01.11.2011

– Belgia vrea si ea sa isi inchida centralele nucleare in urmatorii ani!

Belgium plans to phase out nuclear power

– Dupa ninsorile de zilele trecute, Central Park, NY !

– Apele oceanului din Australia, contaminate radioactiv de la Fukushima? Sau altceva…? Rechini si oameni care au fost in apa,  cu iritatii rosii de origine „necunoscuta”!

– O „stea spiralata”, ultima descoperire a observatorului astronomic din Hawaii !

– Becurile „ecologice” pe langa mercurul toxic pe care il contin, afecteaza direct sanatatea oamenilor: diabeticilor le creste zaharul in sanage, dar toate persoanele sunt afectate de campul emis de acesta becuri care „se acumuleaza” ca efecte in organism!


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  1. Just Me...Carla spune:

    stea spirala din constelatia Lupului ,hmmm ,imi trimit Dacii ajutoare si lui George si lui Cezar 🙂 ….cate un Ozn culoare rosu Ferrari cu tractiune integrala 😀

    Belgia,nu ar vrea dar li-i s-a impus si lor …,se dau pe brazda 🙂

    nu am vizionat tot clip-u,dar „bolile” la rechini,oameni,ar fi din cauza radiatiilor,poluarii din apa ???

  2. Just Me...Carla spune:

    Becurile fantoma,era de asteptat inca de cand au aparut pe piata 😦 ….

  3. Just Me...Carla spune:

    si un zambet 🙂

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  5. Just Me...Carla spune:

    June 10, 2008

    For more than 400 years, astronomers have studied the sun from afar. Now NASA has decided to go there

    „We are going to visit a living, breathing star for the first time,” says program scientist Lika Guhathakurta of NASA Headquarters. „This is an unexplored region of the solar system and the possibilities for discovery are off the charts.”

    The name of the mission is Solar Probe+ (pronounced „Solar Probe plus”). It’s a heat-resistant spacecraft designed to plunge deep into the sun’s atmosphere where it can sample solar wind and magnetism first hand. Launch could happen as early as 2015. By the time the mission ends 7 years later, planners believe Solar Probe+ will solve two great mysteries of astrophysics and make many new discoveries along the way.
    The probe is still in its early design phase, called „pre-phase A” at NASA headquarters, says Guhathakurta. „We have a lot of work to do, but it’s very exciting.” Johns Hopkins’ Applied Physics Lab (APL) will design and build the spacecraft for NASA. APL already has experience sending probes toward the sun. APL’s MESSENGER spacecraft completed its first flyby of the planet Mercury in January 2008 and many of the same heat-resistant technologies will fortify Solar Probe+. (Note: The mission is called Solar Probe plus because it builds on an earlier 2005 APL design called Solar Probe.)
    At closest approach, Solar Probe+ will be 7 million km or 9 solar radii from the sun. There, the spacecraft’s carbon-composite heat shield must withstand temperatures greater than 1400o C and survive blasts of radiation at levels not experienced by any previous spacecraft. Naturally, the probe is solar powered; it will get its electricity from liquid-cooled solar panels that can retract behind the heat-shield when sunlight becomes too intense. From these near distances, the Sun will appear 23 times wider than it does in the skies of Earth.
    The two mysteries prompting this mission are the high temperature of the sun’s corona and the puzzling acceleration of the solar wind:

    Mystery #1—the corona: If you stuck a thermometer in the surface of the sun, it would read about 6000o C. Intuition says the temperature should drop as you back away; instead, it rises. The sun’s outer atmosphere, the corona, registers more than a million degrees Celsius, hundreds of times hotter than the star below. This high temperature remains a mystery more than 60 years after it was first measured.

    Mystery #2—the solar wind: The sun spews a hot, million mph wind of charged particles throughout the solar system. Planets, comets, asteroids—they all feel it. Curiously, there is no organized wind close to the sun’s surface, yet out among the planets there blows a veritable gale. Somewhere in between, some unknown agent gives the solar wind its great velocity. The question is, what?

    „To solve these mysteries, Solar Probe+ will actually enter the corona,” says Guhathakurta. „That’s where the action is.”
    The payload consists mainly of instruments designed to sense the environment right around the spacecraft—e.g., a magnetometer, a plasma wave sensor, a dust detector, electron and ion analyzers and so on. „In-situ measurements will tell us what we need to know to unravel the physics of coronal heating and solar wind acceleration,” she says.
    Solar Probe+’s lone remote sensing instrument is the Hemispheric Imager. The „HI” for short is a telescope that will make 3D images of the sun’s corona similar to medical CAT scans. The technique, called coronal tomography, is a fundamentally new approach to solar imaging and is only possible because the photography is performed from a moving platform close to the sun, flying through coronal clouds and streamers and imaging them as it flies by and through them.
    With a likely launch in May 2015, Solar Probe+ will begin its prime mission near the end of Solar Cycle 24 and finish near the predicted maximum of Solar Cycle 25 in 2022. This would allow the spacecraft to sample the corona and solar wind at many different phases of the solar cycle. It also guarantees that Solar Probe+ will experience a good number of solar storms near the end of its mission. While perilous, this is according to plan: Researchers suspect that many of the most dangerous particles produced by solar storms are energized in the corona—just where Solar Probe+ will be. Solar Probe+ may be able to observe the process in action and show researchers how to forecast Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) events that threaten the health and safety of astronauts.
    Solar Probe+’s repeated plunges into the corona will be accomplished by means of Venus flybys. The spacecraft will swing by Venus seven times in six years to bend the probe’s trajectory deeper and deeper into the sun’s atmosphere. Bonus: Although Venus is not a primary target of the mission, astronomers may learn new things about the planet when the heavily-instrumented probe swings by. „Solar Probe+ is an extraordinary mission of exploration, discovery and deep understanding,” says Guhathakurta. „We can’t wait to get started.”

    • George Valah spune:

      Ar fi descoperirea soc: asa cum coroana solara ajunge la 2 milioane de grade iar suprafata sa are cam 5-6.000 C, mergand inspre centru s-ar putea sa se gaseasca un „nucleu rece” cam de marimea unei planete mari, care e …locuita de „civilizatia priordiala” a sistemului solar! Fantezie? Si…daca aduc „dovezi”? 😮

  6. Just Me...Carla spune:

    glumesc George…..gluma gluma,dar daca tine ? 😀 ….zi frumoasa !!!!!

  7. Ana Pinescu spune:

    Vor tine ascunse dovezile si le vor pazi ca pe ochii din cap! Doamne fereste, mai da prin cap amaratilor astora de pamanteni sa ceara ajutor, de acolo….

    • Just Me...Carla spune:

      …avem suficiente dovezi D-na Ana,eu cel putin am destule,chiar si ochii fizici au vazut tot ceea ce trebuia,ei sunt aici si acum iar dezvaluirea se va „prezenta” in curand ……

      • George Valah spune:

        Mai au de ocupat posturile cheie din cateva state, apoi cand e gata, hop! Vine si „dezvaluirea”! Va mai amintiti prin septembrie/octombrie 2010 parca, acea invazie de UFO, sute, poate mii intr-un stol fara precedent?! Pentru ce era nevoie de atata „personal”? Ca „vizibil” nimic nu s-a intamplat de atunci!

    • George Valah spune:

      Soarele a fost mereu venerat si i s-a cerut ajutor… Si ne-am trezit pe cap cu piticotii astia gri-verzui! In rest…”promisiuni”! 😦

  8. Just Me...Carla spune:

    George Valah :
    Mai au de ocupat posturile cheie din cateva state, apoi cand e gata, hop! Vine si “dezvaluirea”! Va mai amintiti prin septembrie/octombrie 2010 parca, acea invazie de UFO, sute, poate mii intr-un stol fara precedent?! Pentru ce era nevoie de atata “personal”? Ca “vizibil” nimic nu s-a intamplat de atunci!

    George,ei sunt aici,dar cine-i accepta si cine le cere ajutorul ???…daca noi nu-i simtim,nu-i acceptam,ei ce sa ne faca ???? dragoste cu forta nu exista nu ???

  9. Just Me...Carla spune:

    …intotdeauna a fost asa,daca eu voi veni si voi spune ,cunosc 7 dintre ei (extraterestrii,intaterestrii,nu conteaza ),tu imi vei raspunde: da? ce misteaux ! si vei nega in continuare,vei cauta dovezi ,cand le vei gasi,vei spune : oh nuuu,nu este posibil,trebuie sa fie o eroare undeva ….nu-i asa ?

  10. Just Me...Carla spune:

    George Valah :
    Mai au de ocupat posturile cheie din cateva state, apoi cand e gata, hop! Vine si “dezvaluirea”! Va mai amintiti prin septembrie/octombrie 2010 parca, acea invazie de UFO, sute, poate mii intr-un stol fara precedent?! Pentru ce era nevoie de atata “personal”? Ca “vizibil” nimic nu s-a intamplat de atunci!

    si chiar asa,poate chiar ai raspuns,nu s-a intamplat nimic,dar cine stie ce ni-i se putea intampla daca nu erau ei ?

  11. Ana Pinescu spune:

    noi vorbim, in genere, de Grecia, dar mie mi se rupe inima atunci cand ma gandesc la cunostintele mele de acolo, la oameni matrunti, normali, cu probleme, care isi facusera planuri de viitor, strangeau bani sa isi dea copiii la facultati, voiau sa isi renoveze casa batraneasca in care stau. Iar acum, niste japite bogate (va rog scuzati limbajul, da’ i-as toca prin masina!) de la mii de km distanta hotarasc niste prostii care nenorocesc, care schimba destine de oameni!!! Stiti, un adolescent din Grecia, a caror parinti strang cureaua cat pot, imi spunea ca ar vrea – pentru sapte zile macar – sa schimbe rolurile: sa decida el viitorul bilderbergilor. Si copilul a continuat: Ana, nu le-as face niciun rau, atat ca din ora in ora i-as anunta:ati pierdut toti banii si toata averea voastra. Dupa o ora de framantari si ganduri negre as reveni si le-as spune: a fost o gluma, nu e adevarat, sunteti la fel de bogat si influent. Apoi iar le-as „pierde” averile… sa vad ce fac ei intr-o asa incertitudine si bataie de joc.

    • George Valah spune:

      Ana, si mie grecii mi s-au parut niste oameni minunati… Ceea ce li se intampla nu se datoreaza lor ca popor, ci conducatorilor sau poate aranjamentelor care se fac din „varful piramisei oculte”… In logica a ceea ce spui, pornesti de la o intentie de „bine” din partea „ocultei”, din nefericire „nereusita …” Se pare ca nu asa se pune acolo problema … Poate ca Grecia nu e altceva decat o alta „bucatica”, care pe langa Irak, Afganistan, Libia, etc. fac parte din „meniul” de la masa „elitei”… Problemele „umane” sau de „respect” fata de o natiune sunt simple „patetisme” in fata obiectivelor stabilite de NOM… Vae victis… vai de cei invinsi…

  12. Just Me...Carla spune:

    ai vazut George ,”constiinta ridicata” a romanilor ? cum stau la cozi sa-si declare CNP-ul si sa fie inregistrati ? atunci despre ce vorbim ? cetateanul are obligatii,dar Statul nu are nici o obligatie fata de cetatean ? aici e greseala tuturor ,imi pare rau,dar parerea mea mai veche despre romani,ramane in picioare………..

    • George Valah spune:

      Romanii sunt „cuminti”, nu „cu minte” ! Intr-un fel, evoluati, deasupra tuturor, traind deja in „viitor”: asa se vrea intreaga omenire sub NOM, doar ca „ceilalti” inca n-au fost „rupti”! (expresie de puscarie, cand tu, gardianul/militianul, vrei sa infrangi vointa, coloana, ma rog, sa-l supui irevocabil pe „infractorul din detentie” trimis spre „reeducare”.)

  13. Just Me...Carla spune:

    uite la americanul asta,e om inainte de toate…

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