Stiri scurte: 08.05.2015

– Ukraina vrea sa dea o lege prin care sa confiste toate proprietatile Rusiei si ale rezidentilor rusi din Ukraina! Europa tace.

Why Is Europe Silent About Ukraine’s Move to Confiscate Russian Property?

– Haos la Kiev: armata se lupta cu propriile militii! „Persoane necunoscute” ataca grupurile de militii private ucigandu-le oamenii! Si mai ciudat, folosesc pentru asta „munitie NATO”!

Chaos in Kiev: Ukraine Army Now Fighting Against Its Own Militias

– Sunt semne ca Ukraina ar fi gata sa renunte la Donbas… (Sau US „se multumeste” sa ia Ukraina si fara Donbas ? GV)

Kiev May Be Getting Ready to Give up on Donbass

RT logo

– Decizia lui Obama de-a boicota festivitatile de la Moscova cu prilejul a 70 de ani de la victoria in WW2, nu e o palma pntru Putin ci o insulta pentru poporul rus.

Obama’s outrageous snub to the Russian people

Yemeni Forces Down Apache Chopper in Sa'ada

– Fortele yemenite au doborat un helicopter Apache saudit in Sa’ada si au cucerit mai multe posturi ale acestora.

Yemeni Forces Down Apache Chopper in Sa’ada

A Southern Popular Resistance fighter fires a weapon mounted on a truck during clashes with Houthi fighters in Yemen's southern city of Aden May 3, 2015.(Reuters / Stringer)

– Guvernul Yemenului apeleaza la UN pentru a „le salva tara”, care e cotropita de cizme straine!

Yemen govt calls on UN to ‘save’ country with foreign boots on the ground – report

Turkish soldiers hold their positions on the outskirts of Suruc, at the Turkey-Syria border, overlooking Kobani, Syria, during fighting between Syrian Kurds and ISIL, Oct. 12, 2014.

– Turcia vrea sa intervina in Siria cu trupe terestre!

Turkey troops to intervene in Syria crisis soon: Opposition

Rebel fighters from 'the First Regiment', part of the Free Syrian Army, hold a log as they participate in a military training in the western countryside of Aleppo May 4, 2015

– US incepe antrenarea si inarmarea „rebelilor” sirieni! (ISIS, Al Qaeda ?GV)

US Defense Department Begins Training of Syrian Rebels

The Independent

– Danemarka ar putea deveni prima societate care functioneaza fara „cash”, dupa ce s-a dat legea ca magazinele nu au nevoie sa accepte cash!

Denmark moves closer to a cashless society


– In cel mai mare secret, Obama negociaza un „tratat  economic global”  care pune in pericol micile businessuri americane…

Ultra-Secrecy Surrounds Barack Obama’s New Global Economic Treaty

– Don Lemon de la CNN cheama politia sa indeparteze mass media independenta de la demonstratiile din Baltimore

Apple and Google Are Racing to Analyze Your DNA

– Apple si Google sunt in competitie care sa stocheze datele ADN ale populatiei, acestea putand fi realizate de viitoarele smartphonuri si folosite ca identificare sau… „in alte scopuri”!

Apple and Google Are Racing to Analyze Your DNA


– Uciderile civililor de catre politia americana in ultimele 16 luni!

What 16 Months Of Police Killings In The U.S. Looks Like

– FB admite sute de experimente psihologice secrete asupra userilor sai…

xerox printer wikimedia

– Imprimantele Canon si Xerox imprima „invizibil” pe fiecare pagina si un cod din puncte galbele vizibile sub lumina speciala, cu data, seria imprimantei…

Little Known Fact: Police Can Track You With Your Printer

US Senate Foreign Relations Committee

– Congresul US ar putea pune stop, colectarii in masa a datelor de catre NSA (declarata ilegala si de Curtea Suprema a US!GV)

Senator Wyden: Congress May End NSA Bulk Data Collection

The Prepper Journal

– Manuale de supravietuire descarcate gratis pe link…

Free Homesteading and Survival Manuals

– Magazinul alimentar virtual sec XXI ! In magazin produsele sunt doar afisate si au un cod, care dupa plata prin telefon sunt aduse acasa…

Grocery Shopping for the 21st Century: Man Versus Machine


– Microscopul video al celularului, descopera instantaneu parazitii din sange!

Mobile phone video microscope automates detection of parasites in blood

A composite image of an energetic star explosion taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in March 1997. (NASA Photo)

– Viata a aparut in Cosmos, langa stelele muribunde sunt de parere oamenii de stiinta de la Berkeley Lab’s Department of Energy‘s Advanced Light Source .



Life originated in deep space near dying stars, scientists say

– Intelepciunea experientelor de „moarte clinica „…


3 comentarii on “Stiri scurte: 08.05.2015”

  1. ion spune:

    alegeri UK
    In the UK you’re voting for a representative of your constituency, so being the second or third party is a lot of constituencies will give you a lot of votes, but not get you the representation. As a result, it’s perfectly normal when UKIP gets 12.6 percent of the votes and only one seat, and the Scottish National Party with 4.7 percent of the votes get 56.[…]” cam ca si pe la noi, insa ei avind experienta, functioneaza cu mult mai bine 🙂
    Those salutes to American servicemen and women we all watch on the Jumbotron during halftime of NFL games? Turns out they are paid promotions costing taxpayers millions of dollars. […]” 😀 putina propaganda anti islamica facuta in emisiune de varietati , ca doar nu degeaba oraganele vegheaza :))
    iar ca lucririle sa fie clare este cazul sa fie spuse incepind cu intrarea in viata adulta :))

    • ion spune:

      si ca toto avem frisoane unioniste, si ei sint ca si noi:
      „[…] Moldova will step up an investigation into the disappearance of more than $1 billion from three banks, the head of the central bank told Reuters on Tuesday, after around 10,000 people protested over the scandal at the weekend.

      Last year Moldova placed Banca de Economii, Banca Sociala and Unibank under central bank administration after a series of non-performing loans bankrupted the lenders, which together account for up to 20 percent of the tiny former Soviet republic’s banking system in terms of assets.

      Central bank head Dorin Dragutanu said foreign investigators would be appointed by the end of May in the second phase of a probe into the loss of the money, which is equivalent to around an eighth of Moldova’s gross domestic product.


      “There appears to have been a deliberate plan to gain control of each of the banks and subsequently manipulate transactions to gain access to credit, whilst giving the appearance to the contrary,” the report said.


      • George Valah spune:

        Am, scris o stire „minuscula” atunci cand a aparut … Dar nicip furaciune la sumele astea nu se face fara „acordul tuturor de sus” in orice tara, inclusiv Moldova…

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