Stiri scurte: 11.09.2015


-Din cauza ploilor torentiale, inundatii majore si la CN Fukushima din Japonia!

ABC: “Epic flooding threatening Fukushima… Serious concerns about nuclear plant in flood zone” — Massive amount of nuclear waste has already flowed into ocean — “Grave danger” from contaminated water leak — Torrentialdownpours overwhelm site — Official: It’s “threatening safety” at plant (VIDEO)


-TEPCO va termina la sfarsitul lui Octombrie zidul de otel care sa impiedice ajungerea apelor contaminate radioactiv de la Fukushima in ocean.

TEPCO To Finish Closing Sea Wall By End Of October

Craig Monteilh, who says he infiltrated Southern California mosques as an FBI informant and wants to clear his name of suspicions he might have promoted terrorist activities, is reflected in a computer-screen image of an e-mail from Ahmadullah Sais Niazi titled "Jihad Taboo and Muslim Pussycat Peaceniks," in Irvine, Calif., Tursday, Feb. 26, 2009. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

US Gov’t Agents Involved In Almost Every Major Terror Plot Since 9/11

– Conspiratia 9.11 rezolvata: nume, conectii, motive…

– Israelul isi construieste un gard de sarma ghimpaa la granita cu Iordania pentru a opri refugiatii…

Kanyon UUV / Artist's rendering

– Rusia construieste un submarin inarmat cu drone nucleare, capabile sa loveasca porturile si zonele de coasta ale US.

Russia Building Nuclear-Armed Drone Submarine

– Ayatolahul Iranului Khameney face profetia ca „in 25 de ani nu va mai exista statul Israel”

Iran’s supreme leader: There will be no such thing as Israel in 25 years

US soldier, center, instructs Ukrainian soldiers during joint training exercises on the military base in the Lviv region, western Ukraine

-Pentagonul incepe sa antreneze armata Ukrainei!

Fueling the Fires: Pentagon to Start Training Ukrainian Military

– In Ukraina un loc de parlamentar costa 3-10 milioane dollari!

In Ukraine a Parliament Seat Will Set You Back $3-10 Million

– Rusia acuza de genocid  pe Ministrul Apararii si  comandantul Garzii Nationale Oleh Lyashko, cat si pe alti oficiali ukrainieni de rang inalt.

Russia Launches Genocide Charges Against Ukrainian Military, Lyashko

Refugees from Syria

– Rusia acuza vestul ca nu a apelat si la ea pentru a solutiona criza refugiatilor iar cei care au cauzat aceasta problema trebuie sa plateasca!

Kremlin: Those Responsible for Migrant Crisis Should Pay for It 

-Conspiratia tacerii: vestului ii e frica sa spuna cine e in spatele  crizei refugiatilor adica politica vestului si a US in mod speial in acele regiuni!

Conspiracy of Silence: West Afraid to Say What is Behind EU Migrant Crisis

-Rusia, Iran si China vor incerca sa opreasca indepartarea lui Assad!

Russia, Iran and China Trying to Stop West From Overthrowing Assad

Syrian army soldiers

-ME al Rusiei Lavrov ii transmite lui Kerry:  guvernul si armata  siriana sunt singurii care duc greul luptei contra ISIS! 

Lavrov to Kerry: Syrian Gov’t Army Carries Main Burden of Anti-Terror Fight

Liberty Blitzkrieg

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 1.44.28 PM

– Orasul Londra a transformat Marea Britanie intr-un „stat mafiot civilizat!’

Guardian Op-Ed – The City of London Has Turned Britain Into a “Civilized Mafia State”

– Agentii Agendei 21 vin si le spun proprietarilor „ce pot si ce nu pot face pe pamanturile lor”!

A woman by a Xiaomi service center in Beijing on Aug. 5, 2015. (Greg Baker/AFP/Getty Images)

-Telefoanele smart ale firmelor Lenovo, Huavei si Xiaomi vin cu softurile de spionaj ale utilizatorului, preinstalate!

Spy Software Found Preinstalled on Lenovo, Huawei, and Xiaomi Smartphones

The Hacker News

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) a finantat mai multe companii pentru a realiza scanere care pot citi amprentele digitale fara atingere si de la cativa metrii distanta!

Contactless Fingerprint Scanner That Can Capture Your Prints from Meters Away

– Erorile FBI au dus la descoperirea ca probele ADN pot fi mai putin sigure atunci cand acestea includ mai multe persoane.

FBI Errors Lead to Discovery that DNA Evidence May be Far Less Foolproof When It Includes More than One Person

– UFO in zona San Francisco, ziua in amiaza mare!

– 5 semne care se intalnesc la copiii sau adultii „indigo”:

  • Simt energia din jur si sunt constienti de ea
  • Nu suporta autoritatea absoluta, de niciun fel
  • Au dificultati sa urmeze rutina, caile batute. Au ochii deschisi si nu se lasa pacaliti de un sistem social putred, care e in cadere. De aceea multi dintre ei au dificultati sa se incadreze in societatea scolara sau cea generala
  • De multe ori ei sunt etichetati drept „bipolari”, autisti, etc
  • Ei sunt aici, pentru a ajuta la cresterea frecventei de vibratie a planetei

The Indelible Mark of the Indigo

– In WW2 americanilor li se spargeau frecvent codurile de comunicare de catre japonezi. Pentru a putea comunica sigur, ei au apelat la indienii navajo, a caror limba nu era cunoscuta si nu fusese scrisa nicaieri… Asa si-au asigurat „secretul comunicarii”


3 comentarii on “Stiri scurte: 11.09.2015”

  1. ion spune:

    mai tii minte filmul brazil , ?
    e realitatea zilei de ieri, iata si de ce:
    „… Computers running Windows 10 could be automatically telling parents that their teens are visiting LGBT support websites – and emailing them details of their sexual fantasies.

    The new operating system, which was rolled out last month as a free upgrade for users of Windows 7 and 8, has raised concern over the new ‘activity reports‘ feature.

    The feature is enabled by default for users who have set up registered ‘family’ accounts, sending weekly breakdowns of browsing history to the parents – even if the kids browse anonymously or try to clear it….” mai mult aici : si aici

    si inca ceva:
    „MICROSOFT HAS CONFIRMED that Windows 10 is being downloaded to computers whether or not users have opted in.

    An INQUIRER reader pointed out to us that, despite not having ‘reserved’ a copy of Windows 10, he had found that the ~BT folder, which has been the home of images of the new operating system since before rollout began, had appeared on his system. He had no plans to upgrade and had not put in a reservation request.

    He told us: “The symptoms are repeated failed ‘Upgrade to Windows 10’ in the WU update history and a huge 3.5GB to 6GB hidden folder labelled ‘$Windows.~BT’. I thought Microsoft [said] this ‘upgrade’ was optional. If so, why is it being pushed out to so many computers where it wasn’t reserved, and why does it try to install over and over again?

    “I know of two instances where people on metered connections went over their data cap for August because of this unwanted download. My own internet (slow DSL) was crawling for a week or so until I discovered this problem. In fact, that’s what led me to it. Not only does it download, it tries to install every time the computer is booted.” mai mult aici

  2. Sefora spune:

    Mulţumesc G şi pentru inormaţiile de astăzi şi îmi permit să las şi eu ceva frumos .Zi cu bucurii să aveţi şi vă asigur că merită parcursă toată conferinţa ,fiindcă dezvăluie lucruri neacceptate până acum ,despre care ,chiar discutam aici pe blog mai demult 🙂 Doamne ajută tuturor !

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