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The Daily Sheeple


-California opreste indefinit pescuitul de crabi din Pacific, din cauza „unor toxine naturale”, in fapt din cauza radioactivitatii de la Fukushima care i-a contaminat!


– 54 De avioane jet private,  in aeroportul din  St. Simons Island, Georgia, pentru intalnirea puternicilor zilei care se sfatuiesc ce sa faca pentru a-l opri pe Trump!

HuffPo’s Grim: 54 Private Jets at Meeting to Stop TrumpA resident of Cizre sits next to his ruined and burned house.

Civilians ‘Killed Just for Being Kurdish’: Ankara’s Brutal, Silent War

– Partidul Popular Republican, principalul partid de opozitie din Turcia a  facut plangere penala impotriva partidului de guvernamant Partidul Dezvoltarii inclusiv  asupra presedintelui Erdogan, pentru „sprijin asupra terorismului”

Turkish Opposition Sues Erdogan Government for Supporting Terrorism

Turkish market, Istanbul

-Politica presedintelui Erdogan ruineaza economia Turciei!

Concerns Erdogan’s Reckless Policies Ruining Turkish Economy

Free Syrian Army and Turkish flags flutter over the Bab Al-Salam border crossing, that is closed from the Turkish side, activists said, in northern Aleppo countryside, Syria, January 18, 2016

– Ca sa se salveze teroristii ISIS incoltiti,  isi schimba hainele si pozeaza in „Armata Libera Siriana”

Playing Dress-Up in Syria: How the West Tries to Save Its Terrorist Hordes

Russia Insider logo

-Care sunt gruparile din razboiul civil din Siria in conjunctura armistitiului.

A Who’s Who of the Syrian Civil War and Ceasefire

Iraqi security forces and allied Popular Mobilization Forces fire rockets at Daesh positions at an oil field outside Beiji, some 250 kilometers (155 miles) north of Baghdad, Iraq, Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015

– De cand au ramas fara veniturile din  comertul cu petrol, ISIS depind acum numai de donatiile din tarile Golfului!

Oil Revenue Dry-Up Leaves Daesh Reliant on Gulf Donations

Yemeni soldiers and Houthi fighters stand guard at the entrance of the Presidential Palace in the capital, Sana’a, on February 7, 2015. © AFP

-Fortele yemenite au capturat 150 de mercenari sauditi in Bayda.

The Pantsir-S short-to-medium range gun-missile system on the march

– Rusia si-a amplasat bateriile de rachete de apararare contra rachetelor balistice (ABM ) in apropierea Moscovei.

Russia’s Anti-Ballistic Insurance: Missile Systems Installed Near Moscow


– Iranul exporta 32t de apa grea in US.

Oman's top port Salalah has signed a basic agreement with two key Iranian southern ports.

-Omanul semneaza un acord cu Iranul pentru doua terminale ale portului Salalah ceea ce va face din Iran cel mai mare partener de comert marfuri din regiune, inlocuind Emiratele Arabe.

German police officer

-Autoritatile din oraselul german Quarnbek au trimis o nota de plata ambasadei Israelului din Germania in valoare de 1,263.01 euros, „pentru costurile salvarii a doi agenti Mossad a caror masina se stricase in mijlocul drumului in oras”

The Price of Failure: German Town Charges Israel for Rescuing Mossad Agents


Chinese Exports - Zero Hedge

-Volumul exporturilor Chinei a scazut cu 25,4% fata de aceeasi perioada a anului trecut!

Are You Kidding Me? Chinese Exports Plunge 25.4 Percent Compared To Last Year

Chinese fishing vessel sails by Fiery Cross Reef, background, also known as Yongshu Reef by the Chinese, of the Spratly Islands in South China Sea

– China e dispusa sa invite jurnalisti in insulele din M Chinei de Sud.

Beijing May Invite Journalists to Disputed Islands in South China Sea


-N Koreea a ascultat prin hacking zeci de telefoane smart, ale oficialilor  sud koreeni.

N.Korea Hacks Dozens of S.Korean Officials’ Smartphones

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has ordered nuclear weapons to be readied.

-Rusia avertizeaza N Koreea ca „amenintarile ca ar putea lansa atacuri nucleare preventive, ar putea deveni baza legala ca tara lor sa fie atacata”.

Russia warns North Korea over threats of nuclear strike


21st Century Wire

-Hackerii de fizionomii…


FACE HACKING: 3-D Projection Mapping in Real Time

Bioscience Technology

Axial statistical maps show areas of reduced thalamic functional connectivity in patients with MS compared with that in healthy subjects. Patients exhibited significantly lower FC in clusters located in the cerebellum, frontal and occipital cortices, caudate nucleus, and thalamus, bilaterally. (Credit: Radiological Society of North America)

-Jocurile video intaresc conectiile neurale la oamenii suferind de scleroza multipla.

Video Games Strengthen Neural Connections in People with MS



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