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-Printr-o declaratie a ME   Geng Shuang  de ieri, China cere Americii „oprirea imediata a amplasarii THAAD  in S Koreea, altel vor fi luate masurile necesare pentru a-si proteja interesele”!

China demands THAAD deployment to South Korea be stopped immediately

(FILES) This handout photo taken on November 1, 2015 and received by the US Department of Defense/Missile Defense Agency shows a terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) interceptor being launched from a THAAD battery located on Wake Island in the Pacific Ocean, during the Flight Test Operational (FTO)-02 Event 2a. (Photo by AFP)

-THAAD este deja amplasat si functional in S Koreea.


North Korea war USA

-Kim Jong-un ii avertizeaza pe „gangsterii americani” sa nu impinga N Koreea in pragul razboiului nuclear!

Kim Jong-un warns US ‘gangsters’ are pushing North Korea to ‘brink of NUCLEAR WAR’

 A US Air Force B-1B bomber (R) flies over Osan Air Base in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, September 13, 2016. (Photo by Reuters)

-US a exersat lansarea de bombe nucleare, in cadrul exercitiilor militare  din apropierea Peninsulei Koreea!

Furious North Korea Threatens „Final Doom” After US Deploys Strategic Bombers

-Printr-o miscare provocatoare, bombardierele strategice B1 americane, au zburat de la baza din Guam, de doua ori peste peninsula Koreea, in apropierea granitei cu N Koreea!

US B-1 bombers fly over Korean Peninsula

‘North Korea’s true crime? It’s not completely dominated by the US’

-Adevarata crima de care se face vinovata N Koreea e ca „nu se lasa complet dominata de US”! 

‘North Korea’s true crime? It’s not completely dominated by the US’

-Legaturile secrete militare dintre N Koreea si Iran…

North Korea and Iran Have Intimate Military Ties – Morris

Chinese structures and buildings on the man-made Subi Reef at the Spratlys group of islands are seen 18 kilometers (11 miles) away from the Philippine-claimed Thitu Island off the disputed South China Sea

-„SUA nu va permite Chinei sa se foloseasca de insulele pe care le creaza in M Chinei de Sud, pentru a opri navigatia altora prin regiune” a declarat Terry Branstad nominalizatul lui Trump pentru functia de ambasador acolo! 

US to Prevent China From Using Man-Made Islands to Stop S China Sea Travel

Crude oil prices today -

cobalt ore

-Creste spectaculos pretul cobaltului in timp ce oferta nu mai tine pasul cu cererea.

Hotter Than Lithium: Cobalt Prices Soaring On Supply Deficit


-„Atacul asupra Siriei a fost „distractia de dupa masa”  a lui Trump ” spune Secretarul de Comert al US! (Sa nu fi fost bine fiarta mancarea, sa fi fost prea grasa?GV)

Trump’s attack on Syria was ‘after-dinner entertainment’ says US commerce secretary

French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve leaves the weekly cabinet meeting on April 26, 2017 at the Elysee presidential Palace in Paris. (Photos by AFP)

-PM Frantei Bernard Cazeneuve avertizeaza ca daca  iese LePen  asta ar fi „moartea UE”! 

– Ieri s-au intalnit la Soci Putin cu Angela  Merkel…

Putin/Merkel Meeting

Armed police officers patrol the streets near Southwark Cathedral ahead of the funeral of PC Keith Palmer, who was killed in the recent Westminster attack, in central London, Britain April 10, 2017.

-Politia britanica se antreneaza sa traga in „soferii de camion” dupa atacurile de la Nisa si Berlin.

British Police ‘Trained to Shoot Truck Drivers’ After Berlin and Nice Attacks

– US planuieste o lovitura de stat in Venezuela si vrea  daramarea guvernului de acolo! 

US Coup Plot Wants Venezuela’s Government Toppled

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In the disturbing experiment, researchers in China affixed the heads of smaller, ‘donor’ rats onto the backs of larger rats, creating two-headed animals that lived an average of just 36 hours

-S-a realizat transplantul de cap la un cobai caruia i s-a mai adaugat un cap de la alt cobai. Se vrea trecerea si la om!

Scientists carry out head transplant on a RAT to create bizarre two-headed rodent in practise run for controversial human experiment
In this artist's rendering, a thick accretion disk has formed around a supermassive black hole following the tidal disruption of a star that wandered too close.-S-a descoperit o gaura neagra ratacitoare prin Cosmos…

Cosmic Stray: Black Hole Discovered ‘Wandering’ Through Space