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A US military officer moves markers representing soldiers of US, allied and partner nations along their intended route to the Black Sea during the rehearsal of concepts drill for Exercise Saber Guardian at Vilseck, Germany, on  June 9, 2017.

– Armata US, comandantii NATO planuies exerctii militare uriase, in M Neagra!

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends his annual end-of-year news conference in Moscow, Russia

-Putin spune ca in cazul unui razboi US-Rusia, sunt putine sanse sa mai supravietuiasca cineva pe Pamant!

What’s Behind Putin’s Remark on War With US Which ‘Nobody Would Survive’

The military machinery show at the Alabino training ground held as part of the international military-technical forum ARMY-2016

-Rusia isi testeaza sistemul de aparare  AA Tor-M2 in sudul tarii…

Unique Tor-M2 Air Defense Missile System Test-Fired in Southern Russia (VIDEO)

British Prime Minister Theresa May was forced to relinquish her two closest aides on Saturday. (Photo by AFP)

-PM al UK Theresa May e sub presiune dupa ce a pierdut alegerile iar consilierii o parasesc…

Gaddafi’s son released from prison, Libyan militia says

  • Saif al-Islam Gaddafi  fiul lui Gaddafi a fost eliberat din inchisoare.

Gaddafi’s son released from prison, Libyan militia says

a US-led coalition airstrike

-ME Lavrov, „extrem de nemultumit” de bombardarea de catre US a fortelor pro siriene guvernamentale!

Russian FM Expresses ‘Strong Disagreement’ With US Strikes on Pro-Syrian Forces

Syrian army reach Iraqi border, announce 'strategic turning point’ in war on ISIS

-Armata siriana a reusit sa isi securizeze granita cu Irak, ceea ce  va produce mari greutati in aprovizionarea bazei militare ilegale a US din Siria.

Syrian army reach Iraqi border, announce ‘strategic turning point’ in war on ISIS

In this photo taken on Tuesday May 23, 2017, provided by the Syrian anti-government activist group, the Hammurabi's Justice News, which has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting, shows a U.S.-backed anti-government Syrian fighter form Maghaweer al-Thawra stands on a vehicle with heavy automatic machine gun, left, next of an American soldier who also stands on his armored vehicle, right, as they take their position at the Syrian-Iraqi crossing border point of Tanf, south Syria

-Coalitia US de la baza Al-Tanf din Siria risca confruntarea directa cu armata siriana si Iranul!

Al-Tanf Standoff: US Coalition Risks ‘Open Confrontation With Syria, Iran’

A Syrian national flag hangs in a damaged neighbourhood in Aleppo, Syria

-Razboiul din Siria aproape s-a oprit, decand gruparile sponsorizate de Qatar si Arabia Saudita si-au suspendat actiunile.

Syria War Almost Stopped as Groups ‘Sponsored’ by Riyadh, Doha Suspended Actions




Israel approves largest West Bank settlement construction in 25 years

-Israelul a dat unda verde la o asezare de 8000 de locuinte  de colonisti pe teritoriul palestinian din West Bank, cea mai mare asezare din ultimii 25 de ani.

Israel approves largest West Bank settlement construction in 25 years

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People exchange money in Doha on June 11, 2017. (Tom Finn/Reuters)

-Odata cu izolarea sa, Qatarul a inceput sa simta lipsa de dollari la punctele de schimb valutar din cauza bancilor externe care isi taie legaturile cu aceasta tara.

U.S. dollar shortages hit Qatar exchange houses as foreign banks scale back ties


-Criza  cu  Qataraul poate avea implicatii majore pentru marile baze aeriene militare  US-UK care se afla amplasate acolo.

Qatar crisis could have major implications for massive US-UK air base, analysts say

-Milionarul rus  Mikhail Lesin , fost consilier al lui Putin si fondatorul Rusia Today. gasit mort de „atac de cord” la 57 de ani, intr-un hotel din Washington DC.

Millionaire ex-Putin aide and Russia Today founder is found dead in Washington DC hotel room after ‘heart attack’ 

– In Africa de Sud are loc acum genocidul albilor! Fermierii sunt omorati pentru a lis e lua pamanturile, in orase sunt discriminati la angajare, etc!

– De ce e CERN participant la intalnirea Bilderberg din acest an?

Why Is CERN Going to Bilderberg This Year?

-Noul model proiect  de rover pentru planeta Marte, seamana mai mult cu un batmobile!

NASA’s new Mars rover concept looks like a Batmobile

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