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<p>Migrants, part of a caravan of thousands trying to reach the U.S., look through the border fence between Mexico and the United States after arriving in Tijuana, Mexico, Nov. 13, 2018. (Photo: Jorge Duenes/Reuters) </p>

-Deja autobuze pline cu peste 750  de emigranti dn Amerca Centrala si Sudamericani au ajuns in Tijuana la granita cu US…

Migrant caravan arrives at U.S.-Mexico border

‘We won’t let them run us over!’ Growing migrant crowd tests US-Mexico border fortifications

-Al doilea summit Trump-Kim, va avea loc fara  ca NK sa isi dezvaluie lista srmelor sale nucleare.

Second Trump-Kim summit to go ahead without list of nuclear North Korean weapons, Pence says

-7 Demisii proeminente, acuzatii de „cedare totala”, guvernul UK se destrama sub ochii nostrii, in urma acordului de Brexit semnat  de PM  May!

7 resignations and counting: May’s government ‘falling apart before our eyes’ over Brexit deal

‘Rotten Deal’: What’s in Brexit Agreement That is Enraging UK Politicians?

Theresa May’s No-Brexit/Brexit Deal


-In 2017, au murit mai  multi americani din cauza supradozelor cu droguri, decat din cauza armelor, accidentelor de masina si sinuciderilor luate launloc!

More Americans Died From Drug Overdoses In 2017 Than Guns, Car Crashes, & Suicide Together

-Departamentul de Stat al US spune ca Daesh a fost creat pentru a proteja sirienii de Assad!

US State Department Claims Daesh Was Created to ‘Protect People’ From Assad


-SpaceX are planificat sa lanseze saptamana viitoare  71  de sateliti deodata cu o racheta Falcon 9!

‘SmallSat Express’: SpaceX Plans to Launch 71 Satellites at Once

-Imigrantii reprezita 40% din numarul somerilor din Suedia, africanii fiind cei mai neadaptati!

Immigrants 40% of Norway’s Unemployed, Africans Performing Worst – Statistics

-Specialistii in climatologie admit acum ca au facut o eroare matematica majora atunci cand au supraestimat „ncalzirea globala”!

Climate Scientists Admit To Major Math Error After Global Warming Study Debunked

Erroneous climate change study reported far and wide, corrections few and far between

– Au fost incendiile din  California cauzate deliberat de o arma laser din satelit? Ciudate moduri in care au ars unele costructii sau alte obiecte…


California Fires – DEW – Directed Energy Weapons